The elected leader of the Sea-Borgs, King is as honest a ruler as he is a fierce defender of his people.


The only things the Sea-Borg Queen loves more than her King are her people who she fights for using the energies of her mighty Power Scepter.


One of the powerhouses of the Sea-Borgs' world, Claw wields a massive left appendage built for crushing his Invader enemies!


A cousin to King, Mist leads the Sea-Borg armies in their attacks on the Invaders' bases on the water's surface.


Siren has incredible sonic powers that serve her well in her duties as the Sea-Borgs' sentry and herald.


Claw's hard-headed brother, Clamp uses his unusual coloring to hide within the dwindling undersea vegetation and overpower his enemies.


Mist's younger brother patrols the deepest depths of Aquatorius and is a master of stealth and covert operations.


Nix has the ability to alter the perception of others, making her a cunning warrior and an adept spy.


This ancient leader is the one responsible for uniting the Aquatorians as well as fostering their transformation into the mighty Sea-Borgs. He is believed to have been lost during the first great battle with the invaders.


The Mutations
This collection of misfit adventurers who fell victim to the Invaders' poisons cannot be kept down. Although officially relieved of duty by their king, they fight on using whatever spare parts and cast off weapons they can get their hands on.


The Invaders
These are the deadly enemies of the Sea-Borgs. Some of the Invaders have revealed themselves in battle, while many of their number remain obscured by the smog of their war machines.


One of the three Invader generals, Death lives up to his name by destroying all who stand against him.


Sea-Borg Mist's greatest enemy, Invader Demon will not rest until the great ocean of Aquatorius is reduced to a sea of fire.


Decay takes a less direct approach than the other generals by using toxic acids and other poisons to pollute the Sea-Borgs waters. It is said that all things begin to disintegrate at his touch.



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