Comics from Yugoslavia by the creator of Bulletins from Serbia,
Life Under Sanctions, Dream Watcher and Alas!Comics


"Aleksandar Zograf's comics give you a glimpse of life in Serbia and remind us that not all Serbians support the military actions of their government any more than all Americans support the actions of their government"
-- Jonathan Richman



As the events taking place in and around homeland continue dominate the headlines, Aleksandar Zograf gives us a look inside his inner world in PSYCHONAUT #3. The creator of Alas!Comics, Life Under Sanctions and Dream Watcher presents stories from before the escalation of the situation in Kosovo as well as a report on life in Serbia.

PSYCHONAUT #3 presents Zograf's life and dreams from a time before the bombs started to fall, presenting this talented artist as dreamer and cartoonist rather than a mere war correspondent. But the specter of conflict, both past and future, loom over him. This is never more evident than in his dark opening prologue strip and the book's text introduction written as the NATO bombing continued near his home outside of Belgrade.

In addition to the Zograf material in PSYCHONAUT #3 is a five page back-up story with a full-color flip cover featuring the characters from a lost Freight Films & MonsterPants co-production, The Pursuers. The comic is written by screenwriter James Felix McKenney with art by Mister Reusch and based on situations from this unproduced tongue-in-cheek adventure film.

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