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COW #1
The first issue of this anthology title includes an original strip by Aleksandar Zograf (Life Under Sanctions) & Leonardo Rizzi. Also included are comics by Bradford Scobie (Satan Hates You), Jaime Morgan Roberts (Golem), Mick Cusimano (Underground Surrealist), filmmaker James Felix McKenney (Automatons), Danielle Ste. Just and Kathy Doyle. Co-edited and co-published by James Felix McKenney.

COW #2
Features work by Aleksandar Zograf (Regards From Serbia) & Gordana Basta (including a strip by Zograf in color), Rick &Al Limacher (Automatic Shock), Midori, Chad Verrill (Prelim), Souther (Souther Comics), Larry Underwood (horror host Dr. Gangrene), Mick Cusimano (Underground Surrealist), Bradford Scobie (Satan Hates You), Danielle Ste. Just and filmmaker James Felix McKenney (Satan Hates You). Includes the first full-size comic book appearance of The Copybook Tales by J. Torres and Tim Levins. Co-edited and co-published by James Felix McKenney.

COW #3
The jam-packed third issue boasts front cover and strip by Zograf. With Gordana Basta, Pete Sickman-Garner (Hey Mister!), Ty & Ian Smith (Oddjob), Chad Verrill (Prelim), Jake Wyckoff, Miss Lasko-Gross (AIM), Jennifer Gonzalez, Sasha Eckes (Life is Good), Debra S. Hockey, Androo Robinson (Crytozoa), Mick Cusimano (Underground Surrealist), Rainer Balderman, Tracey Mitchell, Mike T. Gilbert (Mr. Monster), filmmaker James Felix McKenney with The Limacher Brothers and Danielle Ste. Just. Co-edited and co-published by James Felix McKenney.