MONSTERPANTS was founded in Boston in 1995 for the purpose of publishing three issues of the independent comics anthology, COW. Also published was McKenney's collection of FOUR SHORT PLAYS. After moving to Los Angeles in December 1996, MonsterPants went on hiatus for two years until the co-publication of Aleksandar Zograf's PSYCHONAUT #3, a title taken over from previous publisher, Fantagraphics Books. PSYCHONAUT #3 also featured a five-page promotional comic written by McKenney with art by Mister Reusch for a movie in development called THE PURSUERS.

In the year 2000, the first MonsterPants Movie went into production, CANNIBALLISTIC! The film was McKenney's directorial debut. Post-production was done in New York City, as MonsterPants returned to the East Coast. CANNIBALLISTIC! premiered in Brooklyn in January 2002. It was released a year later on VHS and DVD by Dead Alive/Spectrum. Unbeknownst to the director until it was too late, the distributor gave the release a cover art featuring a photo of a blood-spattered actor with McKenney's head pasted on, instead of a picture the film's star. McKenney is still horrified to this day.

Also in 2002, was the weekend shoot of the short film, THE WAKING DEAD. The movie has never been released, but there are plans for it to debut as a bonus item on a future, bigger and better DVD release of CANNIBALLISTIC!

The second MonsterPants feature, THE OFF SEASON, like its predecessor, was shot in Southern Maine and was released by Lions Gate Entertainment in 2005. This ScareFlick produced by Glass Eye Pix was followed by the critically acclaimed retro-styled science fiction / horror film, AUTOMATONS, now available on DVD.

In 2010 the MonsterPants team started the Independent film distribution label, CHANNEL MIDNIGHT. The company's first release was Nathan Wrann's surreal revenge movie, BURNING INSIDE. A remastered DVD release of McKenney's CANNIBALLISTIC! is the company's next project.

The most recently released MonsterPants Movie, SATAN HATES YOU won Best Feature at the Coney Island Film Festival and is now out on DVD from TLA Releasing's Danger After Dark label.

Up next is the chilling creature feature, HYPOTHERMIA starring Michael Rooker, for Glass Eye Pix and Dark Sky Films. HYPOTHERMIA is scheduled to be released in mid-2012.

In 2011, the first MonsterPants Toys were released along with a line of hand-screened apparel. Get yours today at the MonsterPants Shop.