Will was a vegetarian pacifist trying to forget his flesh-eating past.
But when the citizens of this small town pushed him too far, he went --

The story of a man and his appetite.


"Fine performances, strong direction, effective music and a smart, tongue-in-cheek script make CanniBallistic a no-budget winner... check it out"
-- Nathan Tyler, RUE MORGUE

"CANNIBALLISTIC is a wickedly subversive tale packed with blood-soaked laughs and amusing characters"
-- Steve Puchalski, SHOCK CINEMA

"McKenney delivers sly humor, effective suspense, and a decent amount of gore in this little gem, which is likely to please most real horror fans."
-- Gregory Lamberson, FEAR ZONE

"CanniBallistic is just great plain satirical fun with a hint of existential reflection on morality for taste"
-- Antonio Del Toro, THE HACKER'S SOURCE

"a light-hearted intelligent slasher film with a genuine streak of originality"

"a twisted and satirical film... a fun low-budget satire that works"
-- Mark Engle, CULTCUTS

In the works:


This new DVD package will feature:
• A new Director's cut featuring previously deleted footage!
• Digitally remastered for brighter color, sharper picture and improved audio!
• Chapter Selections & Bonus Features not available on previous DVD & VHS releases!

• An All-new Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
• Short film: THE WAKING DEAD
• Short film: LOVE

• Outtakes and deleted scenes


Staring Don Wood (Colonial House).
Featuring SATAN HATES YOU's Laura Sweeney, Turquoise Taylor Grant, Winston Bramen.
With John Levene (Doctor Who)
Written by James Felix McKenney & Don Wood
Directed by James Felix McKenney